Short-Term Rehabilitation

Not long ago, the vast majority of individuals recovering from disabling illness, surgery or injury would have completed their care in the hospital. Today, that has changed. Even when patients’ conditions remain clinically complex and functionally limiting, time spent in the hospital has decreased dramatically. Now more than ever, many of these people rely on Woodbury Wellness for the rehabilitation and other services they need to complete recovery and return home.

Our rehabilitation program is as unique as the residents we serve. Our team of doctors, nurses, therapists, and social services work with family members and residents to meet each individual’s specific needs. The Woodbury Wellness Team offers personalized care planning for residents and families who are recovering from illness, accident, injury, or disease to facilitate their healing process and enhance their quality of life.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists help to improve the ability to walk, climb stairs, range of motion, and balance.

Occupational Therapy

          Occupational therapists help to retrain self-care skills such as dressing, grooming, bathing, and feeding. These functional activities help to improve the quality of life.

Speech Therapy

          Speech therapists assist patients with eating, drinking, and swallowing difficulties. They provide assistance with communication, reading, and writing.

Programs & Amenities

Physician Assistant on Premise
Out-Patient Rehabilitation Services
Fracture/Joint Replacement Therapy
Neurological & Stroke Rehabilitation
Hand Therapy/SplintingAmputee & Prosthetics Specialis
Certified Lymphedema Specialist
Balance & Gait Training
Pain Management
Memory Testing
Dementia Management Program
Feeding & Swallowing Therapy
Speech & Language Rehabilitation
Specialized Wound Care
Hospice & Palliative Services
VA Contracted Provider

Arrange your Woodbury Stay Ahead of Time

Do you have an upcoming surgical procedure?

 Feel free to pre-register for your short-term rehabilitation stay at Woodbury. It will be one less worry knowing Woodbury is here to be your bridge between hospital and home.

 For additional information please contact Admissions at 270-1443 Ext. 308